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Momo Tomcat Steering Wheel


With a history of producing top quality sports steering wheels since the ‘60s; MOMO proudly presents the latest evolution of the species, the MOMO Tomcat. The iconic three-spoke MOMO design is reinterpreted by the Tomcat, offering a completely new style for 350mm tuning steering wheels. Its sculpted design is the result of an accurate ergonomic study coupled with an appreciation for the emotions a driver should feel behind the wheel. Incredibly well-finished details including stainless steel screws, an elegant mix of high quality full-grain smooth and airleather finishes, laser engraved ‘Tomcat’ logo, and a black MOMO Italy horn button sitting between three high quality aluminium spokes finished in anthracite combine to make the Tomcat a true example of style.

Dish 35mm
Horn Black MOMO Italy
Part Number VTOMCA35CBLK
Rim Diameter 30 x 32mm (1.18 x 1.25 in)
Screw Stainless
Spoke Finish Anthracite
Brand MOMO Italy
Style Tuning
Diameter 350mm (13.78 in)
Material Leather and Alcantara
Colour Black
Weight 1.28kgs (2.82 lbs)

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