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Livid Lighting HyperDrive MK 2 8.8 Inch 80W LED Driving Light Chrome


Preferred by professional drivers.

Engineered in Germany and assembled in our dedicated manufacturing facility in Taiwan, the HyperDrive MK2 offers staggering performance with a unique design. Spawned from our rich heritage of heavy-industrial lighting, every element of the HyperDrive MK2 promotes dependable performance and robustness.

Our German optical engineers have designed the worlds first and only application-specific optical lens to ensure the XM-L2s potential is fully extracted. Projecting over 1,000m in usable light from a pair of 80w lamps makes the HyperDrive Mk2s 32% more efficient than the LightForce 140w Genesis LED and 27% more efficient than the 165w Narvas 215 LED.

  • Designed with LightSYNC Technology
  • 9-48V DC
  • 5mm Stainless Steel Mounting System
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 80w / 7.6amp @ 12V DC
  • Vibration dampened and shockproof to 10G
  • Eight 10w 5500K XM-L2 CREE LEDs
  • 7495 Effective Lumens
  • 5° Pencil/15° Wide Optical Projection Lens
  • IP69 – Water Proof up to 3 meters
  • Waterproof Deutsch® connector
  • 150mm Tail connected to Deutsch® Connector
  • 3mm Bayer Makrolon UV Protected Lens
  • A360 Swiss Cast Aluminium
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • EMC and RFI Certified
  • 3.8KG

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