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FYRLYT Nemesis 9000 Lumens Halogen Driving Light Pair


FYRLYT is a world first in driving light design. Every component is available and user serviceable for a lifetime of 'AS NEW' performance. No other brand offers this. If you want the best driving light for long distance driving 'OUTBACK', look no further. Less glare and greater detail to make your driving safer.

  • CNC Billet Aluminium base. Maintains impact strength at extremely low temperatures whilst providing exceptional resgristance to vibration.
  • Spot and spread beam in one light. No clip on filters, the bulb holder has two positions.
  • 9,000 lumens delivering 100CRI. This quality and halogens superiority in dusty or moisture laden air (Tyndall Effect) deliver more detail and greater distance with glare.
  • Hard coated reflector and lens. This allows cleaning if ever required.
  • Lens can be replaced by simply rotating its bayonet design. 
  • Gore-tex vent breather. Reduces the possibility of water ingress when operated in moist air whilst paradoxically providing a seal if the light is submerged.
  • Austenitic stainless steel fasteners and globe holder spring for optimum corrosion resistance. 
  • Non-metallic components are manufactured from high impact reinforced and non reinforced engineering polymers with exceptionally high impact and fatigue characteristics. 
  • All components can be individually purchased as spares and thanks to smart design are simple to reassemble to as good as new without returning.

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